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SLAM Cap Logo w icon.png
SLAM Cap Logo w icon.png

Sound capital renewal investment starts with smart planning. Track the life-cycle of your entire asset portfolio down to each individual asset. 

  • communicate facility needs effectively

  • reduce deferred maintenance

  • maximize value of capital budgets

  • assess building conditions efficiently

SLAM Prevent Logo.png

Fast-track the design and execution of a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP).

  • collect and manage equipment information

  • match your PMP to your team's resources

  • support effective management of 3rd party contracts

  • analyze current and future maintenance staffing needs

SLAM Equip Logo.png

Ensure your entire portfolio is catalogued in an easy-to-access database.  

  • completely customizable categories and asset IDs

  • manage and organize asset collections

  • access data from any wireless device on-the-go

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