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About us

At SLAM, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in Asset Management.


Asset Managers are looking for ways to properly plan and align capital and maintenance investments, facility professionals are struggling to create defensible budgets and forecast long-term needs, and stakeholder have ever greater expectations for levels of service.

The search is over 

SLAM short for Streamlined Asset Management, was designed to make Asset Management simple.


With a minimalist design and user-friendly experience, SLAM encompasses everything required to manage your entire

asset portfolio.

Allow capital managers to easily view and prioritize the alignment between current needs and

long-term goals.

Help professionals see a complete and concise picture of their asset portfolio data. 

Inspire users to customize a dataset that aligns with Asset Management best practices.

Our story

When you have a great story about how your product was built, you should share it.
the team

SLAM is an Integrated Asset Management (IAM) solution envisioned  by our Co-Founders,

Bill Roth & Jeff Douglas

Like all great ideas, they started with a problem that needed solving.


FINALLY! After nearly 25 years of working with various AM software, Bill struggled to find a clean, easy-to-use solution with no

work-arounds, that clients gravitated towards.


Bill connected with Jeff, having known he pioneered the facility management software platform, ebase over 15 years ago.

Through combining Bill’s 25 years of experience in Asset Management and Jeff’s tried and tested Facility Management Software solution used by over 100 clients, the SLAM platform was developed.

SLAM is an independent corporation and software application that can be directly integrated with other professional service providers or combined with Roth IAMS/FCAPX consulting services and ebase Facility Management Software. 

Bill Roth

SLAM Co-Founder

Jeff Douglas

SLAM Co-Founder

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